Rates and services

WordPress development

The WordPress WordPress is very extensive and there is a large number of themes available to work on, whether free or paid. However, sometimes it can be interesting to develop a completely customized one, starting from a new web design that adapts to the needs of the project. 

Custom-made themes

I develop the themes in code, or in constructors, whatever suits you best. You choose, I program.

Plugin development

Tell me what functionality you need and I'm sure WordPress has a plugin specially designed for that purpose, and if not, I'll program and develop it for you; it's as simple as that.

API Intregrations

APIs can help you add functionality to your WordPress plugins and themes. I will integrate WordPress with another application in real time, to send and receive information between the two.


I manage cPanel and Plesk. I configure the environment so that you do not have any problem.Configuration and management of VPS.

Visual builders

I have experience with the following builders: Guttenberg, Elementor, Avada, Divi, Beaver, Betheme, Astra.

WPO Performance

Reduced loading times improve the navigability of your website. Forget about waiting times between pages.

Loading speed

Every day it is more important that a website loads quickly, especially on mobile devices,so once the project is finished, optimize it optimize it following Google PageSpeed guidelines.

Database cleaning

Have you installed a lot of plugins, is your site slow? It would be a good idea to clean up the database.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization Have you uploaded heavy images, is your site slow? It would be a good idea to optimize the images.

Website maintenance

Maintenance service for WordPress, and you no longer have to worry about Wordpress updates, templates, and plugins. I act periodically and based on a methodology that guarantees the stability of the application.

WordPress core update

It is very important to keep your WordPress version up to date. Don't be afraid and keep your site up to date.

Plugin updates

It is essential to have the code of your website up to date, since it is possible to be the target of hacker attacks. An old code means, a permeable code.


It is always a good idea to make backup copies independent of the one offered by the hosting. Depending on the site, these can be monthly to daily.




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  • Minimum hours: > 50hs month
  • Services included: all


1 Are you a real programmer, can you program a custom plugin, or a custom template from a specific design?
In my experience and analysis of the "competition", I know that many people and companies offer services in Wordpress, and some of them just use third party plugins and set up websites at user level, achieving good results, but with little or no intervention in the code; and that is not exactly a Wordpress programmer. I can make your custom template or plugin based on your real requirements.
2 How much does a professional Wordpress website cost?
How much does a professional Wordpress website cost? This is an everyday question for me, and yet it usually requires a conversation to be answered. Generally speaking I can tell you that I can offer professional websites starting at 700 €. However, the key question you will need to answer to get a quote is what kind of website your company or organization requires, what functionalities it should have. Depending on this you might need a Wordpress site with basic functionalities to present business information, or perhaps an e-commerce site, or perhaps a site like a blog, or a magazine for a digital media. It is evident that the type of site you require, the prices may vary. As a guideline about my rates, you can check them by clicking here. here, you can set up a meeting here here, or you can use the estimator to send me more information about your project and I will call you to coordinate your quote.
3Do you offer technical maintenance plans or technical support for Wordpress?
Yes, as a programmer and WordPress expert, I have developed to offer my clients maintenance plans for their websites. Likewise, I can develop a specific maintenance plan for your website, only contact me.
4 I have a WordPress ecommerce site, do you also do WooCommerce programming?
Yes, I am a WordPress expert and WooCommerce specialist, being able to offer you custom development in this popular Wordpress plugin for e-commerce. From shipping and payment gateways, content modules, filters, customizations, integration with courier (MRW, Correos, SEUR). If you require a WooCommerce professional, contact me.
5 My WordPress website has been hacked, can you help me?
Yes, in my experience, it is quite likely that we can recover your website after it has been hacked. I will still have to assess how much damage has been done since the attack has occurred, its cause and current status of the application.
6 Can you improve the loading times of my website? Do you work on performance optimization (WPO)?
If you need performance improvements, which will inevitably lead your website to offer a better user experience and improve your web positioning, it is quite likely that I can help you. From code and application performance improvements to server architecture improvements, I have a wide range of solutions to assist you. I don't do magic, but I do promise to help you improve your site.
7Do you provide long-term care and support?
For many of my clients, I offer long-term monthly support for small and large adjustments, as well as for technical maintenance (updates, troubleshooting, and even emergencies). As a result, you will always have a partner on hand who will take care of all your WordPress issues, and implement the adjustments directly without lengthy preliminary discussions.
8Do you make special settings in WordPress?
Both for the use of special add-ons/plugins and for necessary extensions, you can count on my advice and work. Ticket booking, user management, directories or business portals, Advanced Custom Field for adding, storing and managing additional information about publications, Divi, Elementor, functional calendars, etc. Whatever your client's needs are, I am here for any consultation or work as a freelance developer collaborator.
9Are you in charge of the entire web development process?
For me, web design encompasses the whole process. From the idea of a website to the visual and technical implementation. This can differ a lot from one order to another, but I know how necessary it is to combine creativity with logic and experience, to give the best solution to each particular case. From the beginning of my work as a freelance developer I will elaborate both the structure and the content together. This way we will be able to obtain the most satisfactory results on the whole work.