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Web design. Freelance developer for agencies

I'm your freelance web design developer for agencies. Hello, my name is Fernando Domecq, and I work in the field of development and programming in WordPress and WooCommerce. I define myself as an entrepreneur, I like challenges and new challenges that life puts in front of me every day. I work exclusively as a freelance developer for development and online marketing agencies, which need to have a professional external collaborator, who works with total privacy, and who gives support to each of the cooperation projects.

Support and competent advice for agencies

Among the values and beliefs that I believe every freelance web design developer should have, is to facilitate communication about all the work we develop together. I always bring positive thoughts and exchange of good energies in our collaborations. My commitment to delivery and professionalism will create added value to the services provided for your clients.

I give the importance it has to my work as a freelance developer, so I am aware of how essential it is a continuing education in a world that never stops evolving. I enjoy knowing and learning, persistently, about the latest technologies, to put the best of me in all my web design work that I do as a freelance developer for agencies.

What can I do as a freelance developer for your agency?

Development of WordPress themes and plugins according to the WordPress Codex. I know all the ways to implement WordPress projects. Whether small or large, I offer you my work as a freelance web design developer, with UX/UI orientation. I can create my projects for your agency in WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap 4.0 and Sass.

Fast, thoughtful, timely work = efficiency and privacy

About our collaborations, I always like to emphasize the transparency of my work, with reports timed through the tool Clockify. I have enough experience, focused on many collaborations as a freelance developer for agencies, to take the privacy of all our projects very seriously.
Since WordPress is well known as an open source web framework, as an agency you will be able to read all the code after I have completed the project. This way you can guarantee that the website will be completely independent from me once delivered.

Close collaborations between freelance developer and agency

In close contact with each other, I will implement all your or your clients' ideas for the website, reliably and quickly.  

I can help you, if you think it is necessary, to refine all these ideas and we will turn them into reality together. 

We can develop complex websites or online stores for your clients, using my knowledge of Javascript and CSS learned and perfected during years of work.

If you really want to stand out. If you love details, if you want me to develop for your clients all my creativity. If you're not satisfied with the solutions you've found so far, then what your agency needs is someone who knows your goals and walks alongside them. Then what your agency needs is someone who knows your goals and walks along with them. And that's me!

Frequently asked questions about my work

These are some of the most common queries I solve, but I am fully available for any other question or request that, as a freelance developer for agencies, may arise to my potential clients.
1Do you provide long-term care and support?
For many of my clients, I offer long-term monthly support for small and large adjustments, as well as for technical maintenance (updates, troubleshooting, and even emergencies). As a result, you will always have a partner on hand who will take care of all your WordPress issues, and implement the adjustments directly without lengthy preliminary discussions.
2Do you make special settings in WordPress?
Both for the use of special add-ons/plugins and for necessary extensions, you can count on my advice and work. Ticket booking, user management, directories or business portals, Advanced Custom Field for adding, storing and managing additional information about publications, Divi, Elementor, functional calendars, etc. Whatever your client's needs are, I am here for any consultation or work as a freelance developer collaborator.
3 Are you in charge of the entire web development process?
For me, web design encompasses the whole process. From the idea of a website to the visual and technical implementation. This can differ a lot from one order to another, but I know how necessary it is to combine creativity with logic and experience, to give the best solution to each particular case. From the beginning of my work as a freelance developer I will elaborate both the structure and the content together. This way we will be able to obtain the most satisfactory results on the whole work.

Contact me and clarify your doubts about my work as a freelance developer

Whether for the freelance development of a new website or online store, or for a relaunch. For programming, application of extensions or add-ons for Wordpress, or long term support. Contact me and I will be able to clarify all your doubts, and negotiate the basis of a possible collaboration.