How do I do my jobs as an expert WordPress developer?

As a web developer, and more specifically as a specialized WordPress developer, I support you in the implementation of your website in what is likely to be the world's most widespread CMS system. I can program individual templates and designs to give your website an original and unique look. I can also help you develop plugins to add new features to your website.

I enjoy configuring and executing web developer jobs to create successful websites and online stores with more than just a pretty design. A combination of technology, design, content, search engine optimization and customer oriented features will make your web project a success. I can fully support you with these topics.

Why collaborate together?

Since more than 7 years that I am dedicated to WordPress development.. I have experience in creating custom themes, plugin development, and everything related to the WordPress enviroment.

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  • Fernando Domecq.

    Fernando Domecq

Tailor-made website developer

Because no website should look like any other I want all my work as a WordPress developer to be special, and to clearly distinguish your brand from the competition. As a web developer specialized in programming I can develop all the commercial applications and solutions you need for your business.

Themes and Templates

I develop WordPress templates, themes and designs according to your ideas. The possibility of inserting any type of content is assured at all times.

Plugin development

Another thing I can do as a web developer is to give you my support for the implementation of a functionality for which you have not found a plugin or add-on.

Website maintenance

I can take care of the maintenance of running websites. Backups and the necessary updates so that your website is protected at all times.

Analysis reports

Optimization for tracking statistics using Google Analytics, both for your website and for your online store developed with WooCommerce.

Load optimization

I pay special attention to the loading time of the work I do as a web developer and WordPress developer for your visitors to access quickly.

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Average score: 5 / 5.0 based on 21 reviews.

Client recommendations

  • Juanlu Pintor - recommended via
    It is a real pleasure for us to have a collaborator of the stature of Fernando who helps us to analyze and resolve incompatibilities with WordPress plugins and themes. In our team for the development of eCommerce with WordPress we always count on him because he has a very advanced knowledge of Woocommerce. Thank you!
  • Enrique Ilzarbe - recommended via
    Resolute and involved with the projects. In an environment like WordPress, in which what is already done limits our creativity and functionality, Fernando Domecq has always shown us his professionalism and commitment by solving, creating, looking for solutions. Always on time, perfect finishes, it is not enough to do his job, he always gives that extra plus that makes the projects stand out.
  • Jean Luc Gehrenbeck - recommended via
    It is a real pleasure for us to have a collaborator of the stature of Fernando who helps us to analyze and resolve incompatibilities with WordPress plugins and themes. In our team for the development of eCommerce with WordPress we always count on him because he has a very advanced knowledge of Woocommerce. Thank you!
  • Victor Pérez Blanco - recommended via
    Improvements have been made on a WordPress website: plugin optimization, core maintenance, new page development and CSS adjustments. Hosting changes and subdomain creation. Surprised and happy not only with the great professionalism of Fernando, but with the confidence he transmits from the first moment. Value advice, total transparency, efficiency and billing by the minute. You can't ask for more, a 10.
  • Javier Jimenez - recommended via
    Fernando has completed the project on time and with the required quality. We were especially pleased with the accuracy of the layout with the proposed design and the willingness at all times.
  • Manuel - recommended via
    Fernando is a very serious guy, he meets deadlines and works very well. It is very easy to communicate with him and he grasps the idea quickly. We will continue to count on him in the future. 100% recommendable.

Custom online store web developer

Digital marketplaces allow you to reach a much larger target group than stationary retail. In this way, you can also attract international customers to your product and thus increase the reach of your brand. In this I can help you with my online store developments.

My web development services

1Design and user interface
A good website should include a timeless design that stands out from your competitors' websites. All the information you want to share with your customers and website visitors should be organized in an exciting way. No one wants to sift through extremely long text on a website to find specific information.
As a web developer I know that you must offer content on your website that interests the visitor. The structure of this content should also be easy to understand. With just a few clicks and glances, a website visitor should be able to navigate to the information or product they are looking for.
3Responsive WordPress technology
In all my work as a WordPress developer I apply myself in technological optimization for a perfect fit on all devices. Websites that are displayed perfectly both on a computer screen and on smartphones or tablets. The same for loading times, no visitor to your website will have to wait long for it to load.
4Search Engine Optimization
If your visitor quickly understands the content and structure of your website and can easily access the content, we are heading in the right direction. However, your website must also be technologically branded so that search engines like Google and Bing understand the content and the page is displayed with the right search terms.
5Content maintenance
By doing web development work with WordPress, you will have a system that allows you to easily maintain your content with little to no technical knowledge. Using WordPress for your website, and Woocommerce for your online store, you are always in control of your own content. But if you want to delegate that work to me, I'm willing to help you.


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From basic websites, online stores and even pages that require booking processes, or connection to third party systems. Count on me as a web developer and I will implement for you the best system for your company, including payment processes and any other web application your business needs.